Poverty Action Week

Get involved with Poverty Action Week 2015

Poverty Action Week takes place annually at the end of January.

There are thousands of people living in poverty locally, including around 30,000 children in Leicestershire and 21,000 children in Northamptonshire.

Poverty Action Week (PAW) was launched in 2015 and is organised by Charity Link to highlight the fact that many local people don’t have the very basics in life and do not have a decent standard of living.  We believe passionately that all local people deserve a decent standard of living, where they are dry, warm, clean, safe and fed – no matter what crisis, illness, disability or difficulty they are facing. For those we support, including the frail elderly, victims of domestic violence or people with a mental health issue, these basic needs can often go unmet.

Funds raised through our Poverty Action Week activities will help to buy items, such as food, clothing, cookers and beds and bedding for those in need.

 Poverty Action Week 2018 will take place from Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th January, with Wear a Funky Scarf Day taking place on Friday 26th.  

During Poverty Action Week 2018, one of the things we will be asking you to think about is how it feels for those whose standard of living falls below what most of us would class as acceptable. This happens for many reasons, including family breakdown, illness or redundancy.


Imagine not being able to afford to turn on the heating, washing in cold water or going without a hot meal. Imagine sleeping on blankets or coats on the floor. This is very much the reality for so many local people, like the young person who we recently helped who had been sleeping in a shed or the couple who camped out in a skip.

You can help to ensure that all local people have their basic human needs met by supporting Poverty Action Week.

*Could you;

  • Go without a hot meal for a day or longer
  • Live on just a few pounds for a day
  • Sleep on the floor for the night
  • Turn off your heating (it will be January!)
  • Go without power (no boiling the kettle or putting on the TV)

Show your support and raise funds by asking for sponsorship or donate the funds you save.

If you have a blog or are active on social media, we’d also love it if you could write about your experiences to help raise awareness and spread the word.  Please tag us too.  We are @charitylink on Twitter and /charitylink on Facebook. Our main hashtags for this activity are #PovertyActionWeek and #GainingAGlimpse


Support The Charity Link Sleepover – Saturday 27th January

Join members of the Charity Link team for our Poverty Action Week Sleepover. Whilst ‘sleepover’ may conjure up pleasant childhood memories, don’t be fooled; our sleepover will be slightly different! You can join us between 8pm – 8am in our courtyard at Millstone Lane in Leicester where we will be experiencing just a glimpse of the hardship many people in need are facing right now. £15 registration fee with a sponsorship target of £60 which, due to the unique way we work, finding funding for people in need, would help to buy a bed and bedding for two local people. Get in touch for a pack!


Information for Schools and Colleges

We’ve a dedicated page with information for schools and colleges who may be interested in supporting Poverty Action Week or Wear a Funky Scarf Day. Click here for more information. We’d love to hear from schools and colleges and can provide the support and materials to help make any events or activities a success.


Show your support with a Poverty Action Week Pin Badge

Our badges cost just £2 including post and packaging (or you can collect from our offices on Millstone Lane during office hours).  Wear your badge with pride during the week to show support for local people in poverty.


Get your ‘Happy Homes’ box 

Please consider popping your spare change into one of our Happy Homes collection boxes and in doing so help others to be able to live in happy homes themselves, with the items most of us would class as essential, such as a bed to sleep on.  Just ask us if you would like a box.


Become a Poverty Action Week Ambassador 

If you would like more information about getting involved, please email rachel.markham@charity-link.org  including if you would be interested in becoming a Poverty Action Week Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of the week amongst local businesses and schools. We would also love to hear from you!


Paying in details

Thank you so much if you do raise funds in support of our Poverty Action Week activities.

  • You can send a cheque – payable to Charity Link – to us at: Charity Link, 20a Millstone Lane, Leicester, LE1 5JN
  • Funds can be dropped to our office at 20a Millstone Lane, Leicester, LE1 5JN
  • Pay in funds via the ‘donate’ button at www.justgiving.com/leicestercharitylink
  • Make a bank transfer – Account name: LCOS Ltd, Account number: 03253310   Sort Code: 30 / 94 / 97  (Please email rachel.markham@charity-link.orgwhen you do so and reference the transfer with your name and ‘PAW’)


*Please consider your own health and safety for any activity. Thank you


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Get involved with Poverty Action Week 2015

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Get involved with Poverty Action Week 2015

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Shelley's Story

Shelley lives with cerebral palsy and although severely disabled she lives independently. She was referred to us when her specialist wheelchair needed to be replaced. Her deteriorating health also meant that she urgently needed a specialist eye-controlled communication computer. Neither of these items could be provided by the NHS.

We raised over £20,000 to purchase the equipment Shelley needed.