Poverty Action Week

Get involved with Poverty Action Week 2015

Poverty Action Week takes place annually at the end of January and aims to raise awareness of poverty and Charity Link’s work and to raise funds to help local people in poverty, hardship or crisis.

There are thousands of people living in poverty locally, including around 30,000 children in Leicestershire and 21,000 children in Northamptonshire. Poverty Action Week (PAW) is organised by Charity Link to highlight the issue of local poverty and asks local people to consider the impact of poverty on their doorstep through a range of activities. The week was launched in January 2015.

Poverty Action Week 2018 will take place from Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th January, with Wear a Funky Scarf Day taking place on Friday 26th.  Could you mention this now at your place or work or at your child’s school to try to drum up support for next year’s activities?


Look out for new Wear a Funky Scarf Day website – coming soon!

Information for Schools and Colleges

We’ve a dedicated page with information for schools and colleges who may be interested in supporting Poverty Action Week or Wear a Funky Scarf Day. Click here for more information. We’d love to hear from schools and colleges and can provide the support and materials to help make any events or activities a success.

Show your support with a Poverty Action Week Pin Badge

Our badges cost just £2 including post and packaging (or you can collect from our offices on Millstone Lane during office hours).  Wear your badge with pride during the week to show support for local people in poverty.

Get your ‘Happy Homes’ box 

Please consider popping your spare change into one of our Happy Homes collection boxes and in doing so help others to be able to live in happy homes themselves, with the items most of us would class as essential, such as a bed to sleep on.  Just ask us if you would like a box.


Become a Poverty Action Week Ambassador 

If you would like more information about getting involved, please email rachel.markham@charity-link.org  including if you would be interested in becoming a Poverty Action Week Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of the week amongst local businesses and schools. We would also love to hear from you!



Poverty Action Week 2017 

Thank you to everyone who supported Poverty Action Week 2017 (23rd – 29th January) to help raise vital awareness of the issue of local poverty and funds to support the most vulnerable in our local communities.

We are so grateful to everyone who completed a card, expanding the statement, “The issue of local poverty is important to me because…” as part of our awareness activity.  This campaign was featured in the Leicester Mercury and a number of well-known local figures also completed a card, including Jon Ashworth, MP,  The Rt Revered Martin Snow, Bishop of Leicester and Cllr John Cotterill, Chairman of NW Leicestershire County Council.  If you haven’t yet sent in your card but were planning to do so, we’d still love to receive these to use in a display we are making to share people’s views.

Others that supported our Poverty Action Week activity, including our annual ‘Wear A Funky Scarf Day’ dress up day, included Readings Property Group, KH Hair Leicester, The Highcross Centre, Ellipse Energy, Niche Magazine, LCIL Social Media Café, Ashby Life magazine, Wot Space, and Corby Library.

If you got involved we’d love hear how / see your photos.

Thank you also to everyone collecting change in their happy homes box.

If you still have funds to pay in from any Poverty Action Week activity you can do so by:

  • sending a cheque (made payable to Charity Link) to the address below
  • pay funds in by bank transfer: LCOS Ltd  Account Number: 03253310  Sort Code: 30: 94: 97
  • you can also drop cash into us at our office on Millstone Lane during office hours.
  • you can also donate via our online giving page at justgiving.com/leicestercharitylink


The issue of local poverty is important to me because….

Like us, we know that the issue of local poverty is something that many of you feel passionate about. We want to see a time when all local people have a bed to sleep on, a home to feel comfortable, warm and secure in, that no one is going hungry and that everyone has the essential items they need for a decent quality of life.

However, the issue of local poverty doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Because we often don’t ‘see’ poverty first-hand or realise it is happening just down the road, many local people still believe it isn’t an issue – IT IS!

We are asking for your help by completing one of our support cards. These read “The issue of local poverty is important to me because…”  You then complete the statement with your own view, whatever this may be.

To give you some examples…

“it affects more people than we realise”

“it’s disgusting that in 2017 some people have to choose between heating and food”

“a mothers greatest worry is feeding her children”

” poverty equals hunger, being cold, ill health, poor wellbeing, lack of opportunity”

It doesn’t matter if you want to write something which is the same or along the same lines as one of the messages above, or if you have something very different to say.

You can then either:

  •  Email a photo to us of you holding your card (or if you really don’t want to be in the photo, just a photo of the card) to rachel.markham@charity-link.org with your name for us to use on our social media pages and PAW activity, or ideally…
  • Take a photo of you holding your card and then post on your own social media pages if you have them (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Please tag @charitylink and use the hashtag #povertyactionweek so that we see / can share your message
  • Alternatively post the card back to us (please write your name on the back) and we can photograph it to use on our social media pages. (Send to PAW, Charity Link, 20a Millstone Lane, Leicester, LE1 5JN)

We’d love to get lots of messages circulating to help highlight /get people talking about this important issue.

Download your card here or contact us and we will post you a copy.

To give you some ideas and to read Why Poverty Affects Us All click here (PDF download).

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Get your 'happy homes' box


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Poverty affects us all

Get involved with Poverty Action Week 2015

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Rina and Zach were scared

Rina and Zach were desperate to escape the violence and threats they had experienced from Rina’s husband. Rina had been held hostage in her home and regularly beaten. A family member saw their plight and intervened so they could get away.

Over a six month period they had moved three times to protect themselves. Rina had been unable to go to work because of her injuries and was trying to survive on statutory sick pay. Rina and Zach found a safe place to live, but they had no furniture, beds, cooker or any household goods. Women’s Aid referred Rina and Zach to us for help.

We acted immediately and raised over £700 to purchase Rina and Zach the items that they desperately needed for their new home.
Mother and son