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Whilst Charity Link began its work in Leicester in 1876, we’ve been supporting people in poverty, hardship or crisis in Northamptonshire since 2012.

Charity Link’s model of working is a unique, efficient and extremely effective way of accessing grants and support for individuals and families and ensuring that help reaches the most vulnerable people in our communities. Like our work in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the object of our work in Northamptonshire is simple: to reach out to more vulnerable people in need during these very difficult times.


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What does Charity Link in Northamptonshire do?

Charity Link helps by providing essential items that don’t always cost a huge amount but can make a huge difference to someone’s quality of life, including beds, fridges, cookers, furniture and clothing.

In 2015-16 we were able to provide vulnerable households in Northamptonshire with items worth over £142,000.

Over the past twelve months* we’ve helped 1058 people, 428 of which were children.

Since the ending of the Northampton County Council Sustaining Independent Living (SIL) scheme in March 2015 (which provided recycled goods and clothing vouchers to those in need and crisis, and which our services were expected to complement when we began our work in the county), we have seen a substantial increase in the number of vulnerable local people needing our help.

Our support is vital: thousands of people in Northamptonshire are affected by poverty, including 21,000 children. One in five children in Northampton and Corby are living in poverty.

We need the support of the local community to ensure that we can help more local vulnerable people who might otherwise slip through the net.

Charity Link must raise over £50,000 each year to continue our vital services in Northamptonshire.

How you can help:

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With your support we can make a real difference. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Rachel Markham, Communications and Fundraising Officer, at, call 0116 222 2218 (please call 0116 222 2200 for referral/client enquiries) or click on the ‘Get Involved’ tab below to find out more about local activities.


*To March 2017

Do you work with vulnerable people in Northamptonshire?

If you work with vulnerable people in Northamptonshire, we can help!   (Click ...[Read More]

Get involved!

To help us to support more vulnerable people in Northamptonshire affected by poverty, hardship or crisis we need local people to get involved! Working with local busine ...[Read More]

David and his daughters just wanted to start again

David did everything he could to gain custody of his three daughters when his marriage broke down. The girls were being neglected by their mother and were at risk of being placed into care. But they could not live with David until he had arranged suitable accommodation as at that time he was living in a bedsit. He gained suitable council property but it was unfurnished and the family could not be reunited until the home was properly furnished. The family were in a desperate state.

David had recently lost his job and he simply could not afford to furnish their new home on his weekly Job Seekers Allowance of £65.45. A Community Care Grant helped meet only some of their needs.

We helped immediately and provided the family with four beds, a cooker, clothes for the girls and £100 worth of High Street Gift Vouchers to buy the household goods that they desperately needed.

These items meant that the girls could be together with their father, safe in their new home.