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Who better to talk about the work of Charity Link than those who have benefitted from our support or who have volunteered their time to help the charity?

We endeavour to produce regular films to show the need for and impact of our work and we are immensely grateful to those who take part.

Jatin’s Story:

Catrina’s Story:

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Food Poverty: Our Story

If you have received support from Charity Link in the past and may be willing to take part in a future film, please contact Rachel Markham by calling 0116 222 2218 or by emailing

Sarah was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis

In 2004 Sarah and her two children received the news that frightened them most, Sarah was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Sarah had brought up her two children on her own, since their father left, and was forced to give up work due to the worsening nature of her Multiple Sclerosis. Sarah is now wheelchair bound with limited mobility.  Social
Services had adapted her home and created a bedroom and bathroom downstairs, but her bedroom was unfurnished and Sarah could not afford to carpet the new rooms. 

We helped and bought Sarah a new bed and carpets. This has meant the world to Sarah and her children.