Charity Link’s Leicestershire 3 Peaks


Thank you so much to the 59 challengers who took part in this years Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenge on Sunday 24th September.

We hope to raise well over £6,000 from the event to help buy more essential items for local people in need.  Thank you so much.

For more details on the 2017 event, please click here.

Feedback from the 2017 event has been great and we are already looking forward to running the challenge again in 2018. The date for your diary is Sunday 23rd September 2018.  Email to register your interest now.





Do you have what it takes to tackle Charity Link’s Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenge?!

Charity Link launched the ‘Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenge’ in 2016 and in the inaugural year we had over 40 walkers taking on the challenge. The first event had a great response and in 2017 59 challengers took part. We hope that the challenge will become bigger and better each year, raising vital funds to buy items such as food, clothing, beds and cookers, to help ensure that all local people have a decent standard of living, no matter what crisis, illness, disability or difficulty they are facing.

Be part of the team making strides to help local families living in desperate need!

The challenge takes in the two highest peaks in Leicestershire – Beacon Hill (814ft) and Bardon Hill (912ft), along with the famous Old John Tower in Bradgate Park, plus a few other hills along the way (including Billa Barra). This is a unique route, designed by Charity Link, and those who have taken part have loved seeing some parts of the Leicestershire Countryside that they never ever knew about! It is a tough 16.5 (approx!) trek with fields, woodland and even quarries, but with a bit of training, Charity Link’s Leicestershire 3 Peaks should be suitable for most.  Each challenger will be given a detailed route map on the day and the challenge begins and ends at Bradgate Park. The route* includes Broombriggs Farm Country Park, Beacon Hill, Charley Woods, Bardon Hill, Billa Barra Hill Nature Reserve, Hill Hole Nature Reserve.

It is a ‘power walk’ (rather than a leisurely countryside amble!) which will earn you your sponsorship money but it will give you a great sense of achievement at the end. You will also see some amazing and in some cases rarely seen parts of the Leicestershire countryside (we know this as we often have to hack down the undergrowth before the walk!).

At the end of the challenge there will be water, nibbles, a medal, certificate and glass of bubbly to celebrate your achievement and your supporters and more welcome to cheer you home. Prizes include ‘the first home’ and ‘biggest team contribution’.

PS – Dogs who are up to the challenge are more than welcome to walk with their owners (following the country code).

A great challenge for runners:  Each year we’ve had a number of runners taking on the challenge – which is tough as the terrain is so varied and the course needs  navigation – but that’s why previous runners have loved the experience so much! Could you beat the current Charity Link Leicestershire 3 Peaks record of 2 hrs and 57 minutes?!



Get in touch for an information pack.  Email or call 0116 222 2218

We would also love to hear from local businesses who may be interested in supporting the event.


Raising funds to change lives

We ask everyone taking part to raise £100+ via the challenge. If this sounds a lot initially, if you break it down to just ten people each sponsoring you £10, we believe this is very achievable and that you will feel that you deserve to have raised every penny when you have completed the walk!

Setting up an online sponsorship page, such as via Justgiving or VirginMoney Giving is a great way to ask for sponsorship. The money raised comes straight to us so you don’t need to worry about collecting money up at the end of the challenge.

You can also raise funds through other fundraising activity, such as a raffle amongst friends and family or a cake sale at work to raise funds.  If you would like fundraising ideas or advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Remember that, due to the unique way in which we work, we can convert the £100 you raise into £500 worth of items for local individuals in need – so by taking part in the walk you really will be changing lives!  The more you raise the more items you will help to purchase / the more lives you will help to change.


Be part of the support team

If taking part in the challenge itself is not for you, why not consider being part of the support team? We need people to act as marshals, to cheer our walkers on, to give out medals and goodie bags at the end of the walk etc.  If you may be willing to help, please get in touch.

*Route subject to change

Hear from those who've completed the Charity Link Leicestershire 3 Peaks

Georgia hill hole

Simon ran the challenge in 2017: "I've done a few charity runs in the past, and this has to be the most enjoyable run that I have done... the scenery is amazing, t ...[Read More]

Previous Charity Link's Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenges

Charity Link came up with the ‘Leicestershire 3 Peaks Challenge’ in 2016 and in the inaugural year we had over 40 walkers taking on the challenge. The first event had a grea ...[Read More]

Robin was trying to start again

Robin had been through a very difficult time and has recently been discharged from Bradgate Mental Health Unit. He was trying to put his life back together and had just moved into his first home since leaving the Unit. Robin had lost all his belongings, he had no furniture, bed or cooker. He was extremely vulnerable and desperately trying to cope in the outside world. Robin’s only income came from Incapacity Benefit and Disability Living Allowance and he simply could not afford to furnish his new home.

We helped immediately and bought a bed and cooker for Robin, and he is now starting to rebuild his life.
Big problems and headache.