We’re here to help

If you are working with individuals or families who are experiencing hardship, then we may be able to help. We provide essential items such as clothing, beds, furniture, medical and mobility equipment and, in emergencies, food to those in need.

Each year we help over 7,000 vulnerable people and children throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, Rutland and more recently in Northamptonshire by working with organisations in the community to ensure that we get help to those who need it when they need it. Where there is a crisis or immediate need, for example cases of domestic violence or those experiencing homelessness, we are able to act quickly.  We help by providing essential household goods which improve quality of life, food vouchers, and small amounts of cash on a weekly basis for those who have, for one reason or another, slipped through the system.

When the need is urgent we can help the same day.

Please click here for a Charity Link information pack which contains all the information that you need to access help for your service users.

You can access our service by applying online or by completing one of our application forms. When completing the online application form and you cannot finish the form in one go, for instance if you need to gain further information, please do make sure you follow the instructions carefully when you choose to ‘save and close’ your form. You will be given a reference number and also asked to enter your email address.

Please remember to consult the guidelines before you complete each section, as the more comprehensive and accurate the information, the more likely it will be that we can help your service users. Please also click here to download a poster to promote our service to your colleagues.

We aim to help within 20 days, if the need is urgent we can help the same day so please call us immediately on: 0116 222 2200.

If you would like further information then please email info@charity-link.org or call 0116 222 2200 or write to us at Charity Link, 20a Millstone Lane, Leicester  LE1 5JN.


For information on supporting your clients in Northamptonshire, and to access our Northamptonshire Online Application Form, please click here.

David and his daughters just wanted to start again

David did everything he could to gain custody of his three daughters when his marriage broke down. The girls were being neglected by their mother and were at risk of being placed into care. But they could not live with David until he had arranged suitable accommodation as at that time he was living in a bedsit. He gained suitable council property but it was unfurnished and the family could not be reunited until the home was properly furnished. The family were in a desperate state.

David had recently lost his job and he simply could not afford to furnish their new home on his weekly Job Seekers Allowance of £65.45. A Community Care Grant helped meet only some of their needs.

We helped immediately and provided the family with four beds, a cooker, clothes for the girls and £100 worth of High Street Gift Vouchers to buy the household goods that they desperately needed.

These items meant that the girls could be together with their father, safe in their new home.